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January 2020
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It's showing my sleep hours from yesterday, not today. Hi, just have patience, the Today screen will be updated pretty soon. For example today is Thursday.

Nothing else has been tracked. We appreciate your reports and feedback. Communities Contact Support. Okay, will try and report back. Other apps with live tiles work perfectly even those by Microsoft apps like Mail, Calendar, 3 years of dating and etc.

A message from USA TODAY NETWORK

When the phone is not doing as expected do a soft reset. Sure hope things will be fixed soon with a new update. Not even for creating the label or the scan. You can try to troubleshoot this by first double tapping on the home button and then finding the Weather app, swipe upwards on the thumbnail to force close the app.

It's like I have a brand new phone. Since I only needed a solution for the New app. But I am feeling a littlte easier that many more of you have experienced this as well.

Tried changing password, no luck. It has plenty of funds and I was even able to load more. This seems like it will eventually be a really nice feature, since it makes it extra easy to log and track your water intake. It's like pulling the battery and it is described in the users guide.

Showbox Free Full Movie Apps for android


Weather and stock apps not updating - Apple Community

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Please send us a screenshot. Opens for one second and closes again. Hi, A corrupted system file is one of the reasons why you're having this issue. Or acceptance scan or anything. Dont have the original card anymore!

Just nod if you can hear me Is there anyone home? Still cant add funds to my account. How satisfied are you with this response?

  1. Yep still can t add funds.
  2. Five of those apps do have live tiles on my start menu that I wanted to continue to be updated.
  3. All replies Drop Down menu.
  4. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions.
  5. The app will not allow me to add funds.
  6. Called up to Staples to have them run the camera and both managers assured me that it left.

Weather Widget in Dashboard not working

My sleep log is also lagging. My app is not coming on just keeps crashing on me. But if I log my water on my phone, it does show up on the watch.

Check my software for update and it says I have the most updated version. Let me know if this is of any help, I'm very interested to know if this resolves it for you. The risk is too great to allow access to an unlimited source of funds like your credit card.

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When you pay for tracking you need to at least get that. This issue is already in investigation. Would love them to fix it! You can download the troubleshooter in this article.

Mine didn't update either, but then again, I just installed the firmware update, so we'll see what happens. What troubleshooting have you done with the iPhone. It has said that for a week now and when I contacted my seller, getting more responses he has ignored my questions. Will be using credit card from now on. Hopefully this issue is fixed because I've been waiting for this capability!

Let us know if you have other queries. The app logged me out and is telling me I have an incorrect password. But usps is saying it never was dropped off so there is nothing to track.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Open the weather app again and see what happens. This will help us investigate and find any bugs that may be causing the problem. Resetting the phone doesn't help.

This is a user-to-user forum. Hello, Is there anybody in there? There are no updates at all. They should just work unless Microsoft broke something. Logged out, says Access Denied when trying to reset password.

Happens every time I run low and have to add more money. If yes, update it and you're finished. Dunkin Donuts is losing business or especially my business. Now account is frozen due to too many tries. We will escalate your experience with waterlogging so that it can be further investigated.

Live tiles not updating anymore
  • Have added a new card, no luck.
  • Share best practices, tips, and insights.
  • News app was showing the plane crash in San Francisco.
  • Software conflicts can be a possible reason for this issue.

This worked, and now they are updating correctly. After over a month of the live tiles not updating on my I finally got them working again. My Weather Channel live tile that wouldn't update unless I opened the app is now updating again and I haven't opened the app since. The live tiles stop working. Not possible considering I could not log in.

IPhone weather app not working correctly - Apple Community

This has been the issue since Creators Update. You can try performing a clean boot. But, cute if the app is down and not working it is a cause for concern. Seems this feature hasn't been fully fleshed out.

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