How do you hook up an amp to car speakers, yahoo answers

The Easiest Way to Connect Speakers With Speaker Wire

December 2019
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Find a suitable ground point close to the amplifier This point should attach to the vehicle's chassis, and be a solid connection. They can be purchased online or at electronics shops. For more information read this post on how to set up a subwoofer. Hook up any special battery terminals If you have any fancy-schmancy battery terminals, now is the time to be sure they're connected properly.

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How do you hook up your amp to your factory radio? Things You'll Need Amplifier. Pass the power wire through the firewall. And a ground wire usually black in the same thickness as the power wire to the chassis of the car. The balance on your radio may have gotten moved from center to right or left, dating advice phone number or your speaker wire may have come disconnected.

Be sure the fuse holder is mounted in a safe place, and the power wires are all secured away from any moving parts. Turn up the deck's volume until you hear distortion, and set it just below that level. However, it's usually best to follow the indicators in order to avoid potential confusion later. Upgrading can be done easilly once you run all the wires. Yes, the sub will work fine.

How to Install a Car Amp (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Before turning your system on, free thai dating uk turn the amplifier gains all the way down. Cookies make wikiHow better. Turn your head unit's volume down! Car audio amps aren't intended to deal with this impedence load.

Generally, the positive wire will be red and the negative will be black. Once you have the positive fed into the engine bay, attach it to your fuse box, then attach another piece of positive wire to the fuse box and crimp the other end. Be sure you have the right sized fuse! Amp Under the passenger seat not the drivers is better since you can leave the seat out and go for a drive and see how it sounds incase you want to keep playing with things etc.

Use fans, or even redirect the air conditioner! This will prevent any sort or weird ground loop effects that introduce noise to your music. Is this article up to date? By dragonz This is Trash Follow. This is something that many more amps will be able to deal with.

Yahoo Answers

How many subs can you hook up to a mono amp? How do i hook up my car speakers and amp in my house? How to hook up an amp to car speakers? Connect the speaker wires from the amplifier to the speakers.

Watch for simple wiring mistakes that put speakers out of phase

Head unit without rca hook ups is there a way to hook it up to the amp without those? Finally, cover the ground point with something non-conductive. Run the power wire to the battery. Does using a low pass on a mid range woofer change the amount of power it can handle?

If the amp is more than this per channel, you will blow the speakers. Take a pre-built box and use an indoor speaker mount to mount it to your car, it's Removable, twistable and easy! When you mount your amp, you'll want to be sure you are protecting it from any sort of physical damage and heat.

Guide to Car Speakers

Put a rubber grommet in the hole to keep the wire from chaffing. What should I do if I want to play all my speakers through the amplifier? Use a washer when attaching your ring terminal to your vehicle's chassis.

You can put it through an empty rubber grommet in a factory hole. Then you connect the speakers to each other. Connect the wires just like you would to your speakers.

The Easiest Way to Connect Speakers With Speaker Wire

Hopefully this helps and I haven't confused you! If you cables must be seen, then cover them with plastic wire wrap from the auto shop, available in red blue and black most commonly. You want a good solid connection, so you'll want to see nice shiny metal. Hook up all of the wires at the amplifier! Mount your amplifier on a solid surface that will not conduct electricity.

Step 2 Wiring to Your Battery

If you don't hear distortion even at the loudest setting, the head unit is in good shape. Start by feeding the positive wire from inside of your car to the engine bay. The truth is, you can get really fancy here, or just do something quick. Run speaker wires from your speakers to your amp's installation location. Is there audible distortion If so, don't listen for long!

What Do You Need to Hook Up an Amplifier to a Car Stereo

If the speaker wire is clear or translucent, check for printed markings. It is recommended that you make the ground wire as short as possible in case of a short-circuit. Hook your speakers up to the amp. This is most commonly done by running a remote turn-on wire from the headunit to the amplifier's remote turn-on lead.

  • In any places where they'll need protection, be sure to cover them with a tough material.
  • Make sure all cables are secured and not installed in a way that will distress them.
  • This will give you more of a stock look i have wrapped my wires in the pictures above.
  • If the radio is good, it could be a bad speaker.
  • Put your shiny new terminals on those battery posts!
How to hook up an amp to car speakers

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system

If you don't have a mic jack on your amp, your out of luck. How do you hook up a crossover to your car audio? In both cases though you'll have to be sure that the amp can supply the necessary Watts.

Run your ground cable from the amp or distro block. Do not attempt to install an amp if you do not feel comfortable with the procedure. Don't hook it up, speed dating synonymes cut it or do anything else with it!

If the insulation is a dark color, the stripe or dash is more likely to be white. The only time you should see a voltage reading is if you're measuring from a battery positive source and ground. If they are, then hook up an external speaker to the radio's output for that side to see if it is the radio at fault. Hook up a fuse holder near the battery.

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system

Warnings Never drill inside a car's parts unless you know exactly where the drill bit is going. Set all of the eq, loudness, crossover controls, online dating sites don't and dsp that you want. What you could do instead is locate your fuse box and find a fuse that turns on when you turn the key in your car.

Then set the sub's volume control to provide the level of bass support you want. If it's not already hooked up, hook up your remote turn-on wire to the head unit's wiring harness. The easiest way is a Line Out Converter. It's good to twist the bare wire strands tightly so that they stay together as a neat single twisted wire, no matter if your equipment uses spring clips or binding posts.

Be sure the fuse holder is connected solidly to the power wire. Geode Painted UpCycled Chairs. Set all of the input level gain controls to their lowest setting. It is better to use speakers that are rated for more than the power of the amp you are using so there is no chance of blowing the speakers.

  1. No stereo separation, no front and rear separation.
  2. Sophisticated amps and stereos have settings that allow you to do this.
  3. Start from the interior of the car, and make sure the wire won't get pinched or caught on anything.
  4. Installing an amp can be done without the help of a professional, allowing you to get great sound without an installation fee.

How do you hook up four speakers to a one channel amp

How to Connect Speakers Using Speaker Wire

Step 1 Amplifier Location and Install

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