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How about making a T-shirt rug? Thank you for the tutorial, I am in the middle of a rug inspired by your article. They have been a huge hit here so I can imagine what happens at the party.

Thank You Thierry, We received the Cross tee shirts and are very happy with them. You could even use an old jersey knit sheet as a source of fabric. Did you end up trying this method of rug making?

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  1. Sew right down the line adding more strips as you go.
  2. Yes, I do believe this is a faster method and I am excited to make more.
  3. Fold the previous row of T-shirt strips out of the way before starting a new row.
  4. However, if you want a more clear idea of how your rug will look while you are sewing it, wash all of the strips after you cut them.
  5. Lay out your T-shirts on a cutting mat.
  6. Sometime I would like to try making a monochromatic T-shirt rug.

Browse this site for to see some of our client examples. Then I started a rug using the stuff you put under rugs to keep them from slipping and tied strips of fabric on to that. This will ensure that the strips are securely sewn to the towel.

The lines need to be made vertically from long side to long side of the towel. However, one night I had a dream about T-shirt rugs. Satisfied Customers Largest portfolio of clients from moms to Fortune companies. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We received the shirts today!

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Here are a few of our projects from our latest clients. You may be able to make a big one or a few small ones with that many T-shirts. What Our Clients Say Read what customers are saying about us. This is what the row should look like when you have sewn on the T-shirt strips.

Even though your rag rug was a lot of work I am sure it is wonderful. Have you seen those totally cool rugs that are made from old T-shirts? Yes, now you have an excuse for keeping those T-shirts around. Thankfully, this is a very forgiving sewing project.

That is a great deal on T-shirts, Karen! These shirts were a huge hit at the event! Custom Light Up Shirts created for our client iMeet to wear at a conference.

Here is what happened to the strips. Guess what I did when I woke up? Plus, help me with it was totally free!

Let me know if you try it. It sounds like you have special memories of making rag rugs. The amount you need will vary depending on the size of your hand towel.

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Thank you so much for this easy tutorial. This is what your rug should look like now. These are very effective marketing tools for all types of companies. Maybe I will get brave and make a bigger rug, too. Your instructions worked very well, what to consider I whipped one up this weekend.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your amazing idea!
  • You could use the printed parts to make him a T-shirt quilt and then use all of the leftovers to make a rug.
  • The sizes seemed quite accurate and I had no complaints in that area either.

That is a good question, dating sites huntsville JoAnne. This rug looks much easier. Thank you for posting about it.

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You could even add puffy paint in rows to the back to make it no slip, I bet. That sounds like a neat idea. We will probably order more of ours after the show in Vegas. We create custom led shirts that light up!

Dying white T-shirts would be a great way to ensure all of the strips are the same color. For this project I decided to let go of a few pairs of my old stretch pants that passed their prime a few decades ago in addition to a T-shirt. We have an extensive portfolio of past clients and work that we have produced for them. About how many shirts did you use for the tutorial project?

My best regards, Lucia De Vincentiis. They curled up and made the rug look totally different. We are the leading custom led shirt company and can work with you to make a truly unique solution. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Flexibility We are the leading custom led shirt company and can work with you to make a truly unique solution.

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Click on the images to see more examples in each category. This also helps me recycle a stained towel, or one that just looks too ragged for the bath any more. Make sure you can see the lines you made because they are critical to making the rug. By laying out the strips first, each row can be sewn faster.

Please do let me know how this project turns out. Foam shelf liner adhered to the back, or maybe sewn on before adding the T-shirt strips might work, too. Latest Projects Here are a few of our projects from our latest clients.

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How lucky I feel to have found your tutorial! Hello Thierry, just want to tell you, that we loved the t-shirt, they were perfect. These shirts display company brands, logos, asian dating international or brand messages for promotional purposes. Your patience and stick-to-it-ive-ness walking me through the purchase was most appreciated. Your email address will not be published.

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Email for detailed information. However, I understand why you want to try my method because I do think it has to be quicker than the other methods you have tried. Yeah, I dream about craft projects. You could even dye the rug once you have it sewn. As for making it non-slip, I have heard of people using caulking or hot glue on the back and letting it dry but I am not sure how that would do if you needed to wash the rug.

Thank you for showing us how to make it! Just out of curiousity about how many t-shirts would it take to make a rug like this? One last thing, can you please send me, to this email, a copy of the invoice? Last year I was trying to crochet a t-shirt rug. They went down very well at our event and will be reordering more when the next event is arranged.

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