Dating cast iron cookware, griswold logo and identification

Griswold cast iron markings include

December 2019

Not the say small block skillets are not any good. Also looking at sold listings on eBay should give you an idea on the value of your skillet. Both companies were highly innovative and had a huge selection of products and a wide range of sizes. The pans often have a letter on the bottom of the pan in a Times New Roman-type font, and on the underside of the handle.

Watch out for sellers pricing these skillets at high perices. Wagner cast iron is highly collectible for good reason. While the word is out that Griswold cast iron is the name to collect, some asking prices have skyrocketed and are getting onto the crazy territory. They expanded into the best cast iron cookware in the s.

Since the other notations are months. But apparently, Griswold also used the loop handle on a couple of their skillets as well. Note the Times New Roman type face and break in ride on underside of handle.

When searching for old cast iron, you should check out old junk shops, out of the way antique dealers and other knick-knack type spaces. The Griswold slant logo is easily with the word Griswold which is in italics. Griswold is in straight block letters. Iron Mountain pans have a distinctive shape to the handle. However, two more Wagner brothers, Louis, dating hartford and William Wagner joined the company in the following years.

Dating Wagner Cast Iron

15 thoughts on Dating Wagner Cast Iron
How to Identify Cast-Iron Cookware Marks

Wagner Ware history dates and logos

There is a glimmer of hope for Wagner Ware. Have a wonderful Christmas. For a really smooth piece of well-seasoned cast iron, a Griswold waffle iron or Griswold skillet can be a lot easier to maneuver and very nice to use.

Griswold cast iron markings include

Griswold Cast Iron History & Price Guide

Note letter on bottom of skillet and underside of handle. Most are happy to share their knowledge with beginning cast iron enthusiasts. If I have your description correct, your skillet probably was made in the s later than the slant Erie logo. You can choose from sixteen different logos and trademarks or markings. Griswold cast iron Learn about the Griswold Manufacturing Co.

However if the skillet was used on coal or wood ranges it may have pitting on the base. Whether collectors plan to display the pans or cook with them, they can be assured that this cookware can be put back to work. The Cast Iron Collector is a valuable online resource for enthusiasts also there are facebook groups you can share your love of cast iron cookware. Your best skillet for every day use.

Wagner Ware history dates and logos

Griswold cast iron skillet. Identify date your skillet using logos

Identify, o2 dating service date your skillet using logos. You can expect to pick up a skillet with the Griswold small block logo at lower price than more collectable skillets. Even though smooth bottom skillets are not as collectible many prefer them on modern hobs.

Why do cast iron collectors and enthusiasts love Wagner Ware cast iron cookware? There are also very knowledgeable and passionate long-time collectors out there who have a vast amount of information about vintage and antique cast iron cookware. The facility was built in Erie, Pennsylvania, and the earliest pots have Erie stamped on the bottom. People really enjoy and treasure these old skillets including myself. The older Wagner Ware skillets will have a heat ring while the later made pans have a smooth flat base.

Griswold Logo And Identification

So, first off there is a line of demarcation for collectible cast iron cookware. Although much of Wagner cookware will be made of just cast iron, heavy seasoning can hide nickel plating. They would have an identifier for what cast was used so they could tell when it was getting worn out or required attention. Sears contracted with Griswold Manufacturing Company to made cast iron cookware for their department stores.

The Wagner Manufacturing Company were quite aggressive for the time. In addition to a crack, you may notice pitting across the bottom and against the inside edges. Enjoy using your vintage pan. This skillet has a smooth base unlike earlier pan which would have a heat ring.

One of the best ways to tell is by the font, location, free and styling of the logo and trademarks on the bottom of the cookware. Do you have a Merit skillet? Do you want a pan with a smooth bottom or one with a heat ring? Sand cast pans are inherently rougher and much harder to season smoothly. Erie cast iron skillets are very thin and lighter Griswold cast iron skillets.

Another key player in the foundation of the company was R. However the Erie logo used before Griswold. The Cast Iron Collector also has some great information on cast iron store brands. Yes Merit skillets were made by Griswold as well.

How to Identify Cast-Iron Cookware Marks


Wagner cast iron

Although early cookware was simply stamped Wagner, later Wagner included Sidney O. However these pans are still great cookers. Take a close look before purchasing. While a bit of pitting is not a deal breaker, it may be an indicator of heat damage rather than just an uneven seasoning or burned oils built up over time.

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Unbelievably the Randall Company was a car parts manufacturer. Pattern letters were used to identify a mold used in production. The later Victor pans also carried the Griswold name. These skillets typically have only a number, often followed by a letter, incised in the bottom of the pan near the handle. Or even my Griswold skillet?

  1. However, a cracked pan is doomed if you plan to use it and is not a wise purchase for a collector.
  2. In this way, we can assume within a range when a piece of cookware was actually made.
  3. One of the more popular markings or trademarks is know as the Griswold block logo.
  4. These pans were manufactured in the s.
  5. What does the f stand for?

Griswold cast iron skillet. Identify date your skillet using logos

  • How old is my Griswold cast iron skillet?
  • Where on the bottom does the logo appear?
  • The joy of cast iron is cooking with it, so make sure the piece you discover can be utilized.
  • Wagner Ware also has a huge collector base so dates are well documented.
  • In fact, Wagner and its main competitor Griswold Manufacturing Co.

It can also be a huge learning curve. Today Le Creuset and Staub have the benefit of combining traditional and modern methods of manufacturing. Please join us as we recreate some old-time traditional recipes.

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